Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Le Futur Porche"

Le Futur Porche is used to talk in the near future tense.  It literally means "I Am Going To" and is considered too primitive to use during formal and sophisticated conversations. Le Futur Porche should be used when talking to friends in an unsophisticated way. It is fairly easy to learn "Le Futur Porche" and how to use it. 

Subject                  Futur Porche               Verb in the INFINITIVE 

Je                              Vais                        Ex. Manger
Tu                             Vas                            Manger
Il/Elle                         Va                             Chanter      

Nous                        Allons                         Nager
Vous                        Allez                           Vister
Ils / Elles                  Vont                            Faire

The verb has to be in the INFINITIVE.

How to Use Le Futur Porche in the Negative 

Je n'ai pas aimer ma maison   :   I do not like my house
Je ne vais pas aimer ma maison   :   I am not going to like my house

Used when you are going to do something in the same day or very close. Otherwise you will need to use the Futur Simple Tense (I Will) if it is farther away into the future.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Haitian Revolution Summary"

There were many causes to the Haitian Revolution and this is a summary of the key events and people of the Revolution.

The 3 Social Statuses In Haiti:
 In order of highest to lowest are whites, mulattos and free blacks in the same social status, and the black slaves. This caused anger through the lower classes and the want for revolution.

French Revolution’s Effect:
           The people of Haiti, after the French Revolution, saw new ideas that it was possible to achieve liberty, equality, and fraternity. This encouraged their movement to be stronger and now they know that it is available.

Mulattos: People who were a mix of white and black that felt that they should be treated equal to the whites since they were not given all their rights.

Toussaint L’overture: An ex-slave that  became general, governor, and commander in chief after the Haitians win the revolution. He is very famous and the icon of the Haitian Revolution.

Britain’s effect in Haitian Revolution:
      Britain were strong rivals of France and came in to help Haiti with their revolution so they can help beat France so they won’t get to powerful. Britain was a crucial turning point in the revolution.

Yellow Fever: An illness that swept through Napoleon’s army making them weakened and smaller in size. Out of the 25,000 men sent by Napoleon, 22,000 of them died from this virus. This also played a big point in Haiti and Britain winning because the French Army had such a disadvantage.

"Renaissance Terms"

Hundred’s year war: A war that lasted over a hundred years between France and England. 1337-1453. This war slowed down the movement in new ideas and technology because all their effort was held into fighting each other. In turn, the progress of northern Europe was slow.
Italian City States: The city states were individual states that were functioning on their own. They were in the best location for resources and trade because of the environment of Italy. They had to keep fighting other countries because everyone wanted to have an Italian city state.
Crusades: The crusades were a series of fights between the Roman Catholic Church and other religions. The Church was trying to eliminate other religions and was mostly focused on fighting the Muslims. These series of wars lasted many years and casualties. However, they helped start the Renaissance.
The Church: The church was the most powerful group in all of Europe. Almost everyone followed it and the ones who didn’t were taken care of by the church. They collected a large amount of tax for church taxes and were making tons of money. The pope was the leader of the church and lived in Rome for the most part.
Renaissance art ideas: The new ideas brought over from Asia started the Renaissance ideas and changed their perspective on art. Also, the many wealthy people were investing in art and it was rapidly growing.
Power of City States: It seems very logical to have all the city states form together and make a united large country. However, the leaders and rulers did not want this to happen. They were very rich and loved enjoying the power because they did not have nobility so this was their gateway in. The city states’ leaders would have rather kept everything and run itself.
Art Ideas: New oil painting techniques were being developed and could make paintings very realistic.
The Book the Courtier: This book taught of how to become a Courtier and certain traits that are needed. Advice is also given.
The Black Death: The plague wiped out about half the population in Europe. It started from southern Europe and spread north. It caused lots of suffering to people and sorrow because many families were being broken apart.