Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Basic Facts On France

Even though France is not as large as it used to be under Napoleon, it is one of the most powerful and influential nations. It is beneficial to know some basic facts and background information about this prosperous county. I included the basic facts on France in French and English to make it easier on you guys. Whether you need basic facts for a school class or just to find out more of the country who has a larger power to land size than any other country, here are some good things to know about France:

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France's capital city is Paris

Capitale: Paris

The population is roughly 60 million inhabitants

Population: Soixante millions d'habitants

The French Motto is : Liberty, Equality, Freedom

Devise: Liverte, Egalite, Fraternite

The French Flag consists of the colors Blue, White, and Red in that order from left to right

Le Drapeau Francaise couleurs est Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge

The currency in France is the Euro

Monnaie: l'euro

France consists of many ethnicities. The majority are European but France also has people originating from Afria and Asia.

France est multi-ethnique. Origine de la population: europeenne (Majorite), africane, et asiatique.

The principle religions practiced are: Catholic (Majority), Muslim, Protestant, and Jewish

Le Principales Religions pratiquees: Catholique (Majorite), Musulmane, Protestante, et Juive

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